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Collinson Advisory

Collinson Advisory is in the business of developing long term and successful relationships with its clients and is committed to providing quality advice with a high level of integrity.

Mutually Beneficial Relationships

The Collinson Advisory Partners have a large network of relationships in corporate New Zealand. These relationships can provide a valuable resource for its clients, particularly in such a competitive market place.

Acquisitions, Divestments and Mergers

Collinson Advisory is well qualified to advise clients on buy-side, sell-side and merger transactions given the experience of its professionals, coupled with an assurance of total discretion and a lack of conflicting interests.

Specific services provided include scoping of the transaction, advice on valuation, transaction management, assisting with due diligence and negotiation of key commercial terms.

Financial Advisory

CollinsonFX offers financial advisory services for companies looking for short-term or long-term financial solutions. Our financial advisors open new avenues of growth for clients by identifying opportunities and mitigating threat. We offer an experienced team which is well-versed with all aspects of business and financial matters. CollinsonFX ‘s financial advisory provides consultancy of transactions, auctions, recovery and other financial matters. We also provide assurance services and special fund raising for sick companies. In all matters of financial concern, there is a CollinsonFX expert to fit your needs.


  • Buy or Sell-side M&A advice
  • Capital structure advice
  • Mergers and Roll-ups
  • General business planning
  • Leveraged buy–outs
  • Valuation advice
  • Capital raising
  • JV arrangement